Password reset for ~1998 AIX on RS/6000?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at
Thu Feb 1 15:57:40 CST 2018

On 02/01/2018 01:28 PM, Tapley, Mark via cctech wrote:
> Is there a standard procedure for recovering lost passwords for these 
> systems, or for resetting passwords? I do have physical access to the 
> machine; it’s possible I can find an AIX install disk but it’s 
> *highly* desirable to preserve the contents of the existing hard drive.

According to an AIX SME (currently working for IBM), yes, this is a 
standard and apparently relatively easy procedure.

The first Google hit (he was being lazy) was this:

He says it's fairly straight forward.

He did pass along the following pro tip:  "…that was a pci based he should follow the instructions section for that in the kB 
link I sent…"

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