Password reset for ~1998 AIX on RS/6000?

Tapley, Mark mtapley at
Thu Feb 1 14:28:00 CST 2018

	I’m trying to resurrect an AIX workstation that may well contain useful information for the NASA IMAGE spacecraft. 
	The system is an IBM RiscSystem/6000 43P-140 according to the badge on the front (which I think is reasonably accurate).
	It’s running a version of AIX from ~1997 or 1998. It does boot to the GUI login prompt.

	Is there a standard procedure for recovering lost passwords for these systems, or for resetting passwords? I do have physical access to the machine; it’s possible I can find an AIX install disk but it’s *highly* desirable to preserve the contents of the existing hard drive.

	Apologies in advance if this is posted somewhere obvious, I have not done my google homework so a pointer may be all I need.
					- Mark
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