IBM 9331-011 8" External Floppy Drive - eBay 183038271095

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu Feb 1 17:13:18 CST 2018

On Thu, 1 Feb 2018, Ali via cctalk wrote:
> Anyone know how easy it is to adapt one of these to work with an IBM PC 
> compatible class machine? I have one sitting around here somewhere and 
> if I recall correctly the drive is a bog std. YE-DATA DS 8" drive so it 
> should be just a matter of making sure the cabling is ok.

If it is a 50 pin edge connector, then it is LIKELY that it follows the 
Shugart 800/850 pinout.  BUT, it is still a good idea to find and check 
the pinout of the specific model drive, since some added additional 
signals and/or repurposed pins for other purposes.
And, check the drive specific pinout for power connections!
5.25" drives had a standardized power connection.
8" drives do NOT have standardized power connections.  Not all used the 
same power nor connector nor pinout as Shugart.  In addition to 
5VDC, you may need 24V or 12V, and maybe even -5VDC, or even AC.

If it IS SA800/850, then FPADAP,
is an easy way to handle the cabling.
The website say that they have 5 in stock,
so order immediately if you need it!

If you are reading ONLY, and not writing to the drive, then you do not 
need the TG43 signal and circuitry, in which case it is trivial to make 
your own cable.  The majority of the 5.25" (SA400) signals are even in the 
same order, so you can start with a 34 pin flat cable, peel out a small 
handful of the wires, and crimp them in a 50 pin IDC edge connector.

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