Modems & Xerox

Murray McCullough c.murray.mccullough at
Thu Feb 1 16:23:49 CST 2018

I started accessing BBSs back in the early 70s with a 300 baud modem.
>From there it went to 1200; 2400; 9600; 28.8K and 56Kilobaud. All on
dialup! Now at 5 Mbits/sec. here in Ontario. An American friend has
250Mb/s download. Yikes!  The classic computer era taught us patience
didn’t it? BTW, one had to have a private phone line not a party line
for a modem to work. Making our hobby more expensive!

On the business-side of computing: Xerox sold 50.1% of its business to
Fujifilm, Japan. Xerox Parc was a seminal institution in early classic
computing era: Mouse and graphics input for instance.

Happy computing!

Murray  :)

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