IBM 9331-011 8" External Floppy Drive - eBay 183038271095

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Thu Feb 1 15:17:29 CST 2018

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> On 2018-02-01 3:43 PM, Ali via cctalk wrote:
>> This was dressed to go with the AS/400 line.  Mine is dated 1994.
>> Anyone know how easy it is to adapt one of these to work with an IBM PC
>> compatible class machine? I have one sitting around here somewhere and if I
>> recall correctly the drive is a bog std. YE-DATA DS 8" drive so it should
>> be just a matter of making sure the cabling is ok.
>> The drives that where used on the AS/400 are all "industry standard"
> drives so it should be easy to adapt one to a PC.
> Paul.

This is true.  I have the pinouts at home if anyone wants them, I can post
them when I get home from work.  However: I will note that the YE-DATA 8"
drives have heads that are rough on some 8" media, particularly those prone
to shedding.  The heads are also a pain to get to to clean after such
shedding has taken place.  I've stopped using mine for 8" archival for this
reason.  The Shugart 850/851s are much nicer in this regard (Al suggested
them to me awhile back) -- easier on disks, much easier to clean.

- Josh

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