SuperTerm Maintenance Manual

Mike Norris mike_t_norris at
Thu Feb 1 11:19:05 CST 2018

Hi Guys,

I am new to the group, so let me know if this post is inappropriate.

I have a SuperTerm Maintenance Manual that I am about to put in the bin.

I am prepared to scan it if any one is interested, I could not find it on, but I guess there may be one in the backlog?

The SuperTerm was manufactured by Intertec Data Systems c. 1978, it was a 180 CPS dot matrix printer (RS232), quite often used as a console printer in place of a LA36, Intertec also did a speed up board for the LA36 (I may have details on that when I get through clearing out my loft), to make it a 150 CPS printer, although it was prone to carriage slams initially, same was true of the SuperTerm for a while, which also resulted in the carriage driver transistors burning out. The company I worked for produced a separate driver board to get around the problem, typical patch at the time.

Regards Mike Norris

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