What would cause a regular pattern of bad sectors?

Terry Stewart terry at webweavers.co.nz
Mon Apr 24 16:40:04 CDT 2017

> My guess on the symptoms described is a scratch or spill.  Sometimes
> these floppies can be brought back by a simple cleaning of the cookie.
> --Chuck
Guys, you were on the right track.  I looked carefully the disk surface
while rotating it.  It's subtle but there is a radial kink/distortion in
the platter.  You can only really see it if you have strong light, like
that from a bulb, reflecting off the media surface.  As you rotate the disk
at one point this reflection distorts and one can see a kink of sorts.

What would have caused this?  Something hot resting against it?  Just old
age or poor quality (disk is no that old...from 2003)?

Is there anyway to straighten out such distortions.  It doesn't seem to be
a loose/flaky media issue so I'm thinking washing the platter isn't likely
to help. yes?  Or would the warm water help?

Terry (Tez)

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