Does anyone here know Siemens STL?

Shoppa, Tim tshoppa at
Wed Apr 12 12:26:23 CDT 2017

Charles Dickman wrote:
> The puzzling (and frustrating) thing about these industrial control
> languages is how primitive they are. There is lots of talk about IIoT
> and Industry 4.0, but at the bottom much of it is essentially handed
> written machine code.

Well, I still get to program in ladder logic and deal with real relay control systems every single day at my day job. Ladder logic, most computer guys wouldn't even recognize that as a computer language. Still decades old.

At the other end "modern" is the LUA scripting language of the ESP8266. That's almost exactly like the first time I programmed a TRS-80 or Apple II except it has built-in WiFi and it's a lot easier to get at the GPIO pins and it only costs $5.

Tim N3QE

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