VCF West tickets

Ali cctalk at
Sun Jul 31 18:04:44 CDT 2016

> THAT should be mentioned on the ticket page of the website.  (along
> with full details of how much, a link to the CHM ticket page, AND
> howzbout, on the ticket page, have a deal to buy both CHM and VCF
> admission as a package deal?

I agree with Fred on this. My second day purchase (and a ticket for a second
person) was based on the thinking that CHM was included. That by itself is
not such a big deal, a little bit of money lost, the bigger issue is timing.
It seems as if the cool exhibits (IBM 1401 and PDP 1 Space War) at CHM are
all on Saturday. If the festival continues on in the future you guys may
seriously want to consider better coordination (e.g. CHM has exhibits open
on both Saturday and Sunday). As it has already been pointed out  a large
group of people attending one will probably want to attend the other.


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