Mall directory computers

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Just spotted this Brad clearing up email after a 4 week break. I can't answer your question but it reminded me of something that
other list users may be able to help with or it might just be of interest.

Quite some time ago a friend of mine bought a travel agent in a shopping mall, did a refit of the shop and then later went bust.
Fortunately before the refit and going bust he gave me his old shop display which was run on a modified Commodore.

I haven't opened it up or powered it up but if anyone knows what this is I'd be grateful. I've posted some photos:

Kevin Parker

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Been wondering about this for a while.   Just one of those odd childhood


When I was a kid growing up in Oakville, Ontario, I remember Oakville Mall getting one of those very early mall directory computers.
This would have been like, 1982-84, somewhere thereabouts.  From what I remember, they had kind of CGA-sh graphics and a chiclet
'keyboard' you used to browse the directory.  I'm wondering, were they just PCs, most likely?  Or some kind of custom job?

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