MicroVax II (Doug)

Graham Reid grahamcreid at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 01:44:43 CDT 2016

The company I worked for in 1989 had three hand-me-down MicroVax II from
the US parent.

They were originally a PDP11/73 box, which had been converted.

They ran VMS 5.5-2, all had DEQNA, with no problems that I remember. They
were just networked, it wasn't a cluster.
The DEQNA may have been *unsupported* on 5.5, but it seeded to work OK.

I still have one system, and bits of the others. Failing ESDI drives put
them to the back of the garage.

I do have a replacement ESDI drive, and a Q-bus SCSI controller, so when i
get time (ha!), I'll resurrect it.

Regards, Graham

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