QuietJet Plus (wide Carriage RS232/Centronics) (FPUIB) (Was: Found some stuff at the scrapyard

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Thu Jul 28 00:01:37 CDT 2016

On Wed, 27 Jul 2016, Curious Marc wrote:
> I cannot download any drivers from there. Links download link opens a 
> Panasonic driver page, and if you navigate back to the HP QuietJet you 
> get the same links again, nice circuitous path. The Win3.1 driver link 
> was good though.
> Supposedly drivers for Windoze through 10! and Mac:
> http://fbdrivers.com/download-hp-quietjet-driver.html#Download_HP_Quietjet_Driver_for_Windows_64_Bit
> and "plus", but that should be:
> http://fbdrivers.com/download-hp-quietjet-plus-driver.html

It's not a site that I'm familiar with.  Hence ny "supposrdly".

It's basically a slightly fancy ASCII inkjet printer.  Not what I would 
want to usr on Windoze, anyway.

I have heard the excuses. Any new version of any OS should include 
cspability to use drivets from previous versions, even if doing so does 
not give you the full smell-o-vision experience.

Bill Gates must be made into a millionaire.  (loss of how many billions?)

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