VT2xx simulation with SIMH

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Wed Jul 27 07:39:43 CDT 2016

 >Al Kossow wrote:

>Related to the RT-11 discussion, there is currently work going on to have a simulated VT240 in MAME
>working with RT-11 running in SIMH.
Is there any possibility of plain ordinary VT100 or VT220 emulation
with SimH?  I have the impression that telnet can do this in some
manner, but I have no idea exactly how.  IN  ADDITION, the
RT-11 monitors I use have multi-terminal support, usually for
DLV11-J serial ports, but sometimes for DZV11 and / or DHV11
serial ports.  Can SimH handle that emulation as well?  And
can there also be VT100 emulation for those multi-terminal
serial ports as well?

It may be possible to have a separate PC emulating a VT100
operating via an actual physical hardware serial port.  But
that would seem to be a huge waste of resources when it
is possible for a single PC running SimH to support all of
the serial ports with VT100 emulation in some manner
although I agree that is not how SimH functions at present.

Of course, for minimal testing of certain RT-11 features,
it would be possible to execute under SimH using just
an simple output device similar to a consol printer.
However, I frequently use KED to edit my files and
that obviously requires VT100 emulation.  TECO is
possible, but is so clumsy that other solutions which
support VT100 emulation with all types of serial ports
are preferred.

Jerome Fine

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