Anyone have a spare PDP-11/84 serial console panel they could part with?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Tue Jul 26 07:25:22 CDT 2016

    > From: Glen Slick glen.slick at 

    > a PDP-11/84 that didn't come with a console panel. 

You should be able to get it running without the DEC panel (I have certainly
run M8190 cards in an 11/23 chassis, without the front panel); the serial
connection is the same as the DLV11-J, etc, pinout here:

and most of the functionality of the panel (e.g. the force dialog switch) is
repeated on the CPU board as jumpers/switches.

    > a baud rate selection switch

That turns out to be purely off-board (using a clock on the card, and the
'external clock' option on the CPU (same as the 11/23+).

    > a single 20-pin connector for a ribbon cable that attaches to the
    > KDJ11-B and MDM.

This is the only part I wonder about - I'd have to check to see if there's
anything critical in there for controlling the power supplies.


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