Reproduction micros

Sean Conner spc at
Mon Jul 25 15:34:27 CDT 2016

It was thus said that the Great Peter Corlett once stated:
> Unsurprisingly, the x86 ISA is brain-damaged here, in that some instructions
> (e.g. inc") only affect some bits in EFLAGS, which causes a partial register
> stall. The recommended "fix" is to avoid such instructions.

  I'm not following this.  On the x86, the INC instruction modifies the
following flags: O, S, Z, A and P.  So okay, I need to avoid INC to prevent
a partial register stall, therefore, I need to use ADD.  Let me check ...
hmm ... ADD modifies the following: O, S, Z, A, P and C.  So now I need to
avoid ADD as well?  I suppose I could use LEA but then there goes my bignum
addition routine ... 

  -spc (Or am I missing something?)

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