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As a local to Ottawa this piqued my curiosity.

I found this

Video Terminal 
The Cybernex APL -100 terminal fea-
tures true overstrikes using a highly 
legible 9x13 dot character cell and 
a 1920 character 80 by 24 display with
selectable 48 line, 32 character split 
screen mode which scrolls all 48 lines 
from bottom right to top left. 
Standard features of the APL -100 in 
both ASCII and APL modes include
read and write cursor address, four 
direction cursor control, page printand 
printer port on/off control.
The list price of the APL -100 
is $1795.00 Canadian, FOB Ottawa, 
Ontario, Canada, (no taxes included), 
with delivery beginning in September, 
For full information on the APL -100 
terminal or the 6 standard models of 
video terminals, contact Bruce Doug- 
las, V.P. Marketing, 2183 Dunwin Drive, 
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, phone 
(416) 828-2810 or Wayne Reid in 
Ottawa, at (613) 741-1540. 

The University of Ottawa was big into APL\360 at one time. I remember
the old golf ball terminals they used. Carleton U eventually got
the golf ball terminals and APL terminals on their Xerox system.
The 'golf ball' (2741 terminal) were still being used despite the
glass TTYs being available at Carleton since no tty at that time had
the APL character set. This APL-100 would have been useful to both
Carleton and Ottawa U if they were still using APL when it came out ;)
but I never one of these in use.

The 741 exchange strikes me as being from Eastview (at the time) nowadays
known as Vanier I wonder where this guy was. Probably Montreal road.
(Just east of Wellington here in Ottawa)

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