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Hi Lee: 

I am aware of the CHM files and I have a number of APL documents that might not be in the archive - I'll check sometime this week. 
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Hi Norman, 

I don;t have any specific information on this terminal, but wanted to make sure you are aware of the APL archive hosted at the Computer History Museum - http://www.softwarepreservation.org/projects/apl/ 

If you run across any APL material not already in the archive please pass along a copy and I'd love to add it. 


Lee Courtney 

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I just recently acquired a Cybernex APL-100 APL/ASCII terminal; it appears to be complete, but the only documentation that I have for it is a sales brochure. 
Is there anyone familiar with this? It was manufactured in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) in the late '70s - any technical information would be appreciated. 


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