Straight 8 up on Ebay just now

Mon Jul 25 00:31:57 CDT 2016

if it would have been 11/20 and a h960  would have been   muccchhhh more 
what was there was totally amazing.
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> From: Glen Slick

> For the curious about  the eBay market value of the PDP-11/20 today

That one was a  once-in-a-lifetime thing, though: not only a KA11 in
absolutely pristine  condition, but also an additional BA11 stuffed to the
gills with memory;  the most complete set of original documentation I have
_ever_ seen with a  computer that old; a complete H960 in perfect condition,
with all the blank  panels, the rear door, etc; trays and trays of original
paper tape  software, etc, etc.

When you consider that that PDP-11/70 that went a  while back for $10K - and
-11/70's are a lot more common that -11/20's - I  think this one was easily
worth what it went for.

I'm quite serious  - I doubt we'll ever see another -11/20 in this good a
shape, and this  complete, for sale, at least, not in my remaining lifetime.


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