Nova 3 front panel

Bruce Ray Bruce at
Fri Jul 22 13:20:07 CDT 2016

DG generally used 28V, 0.040 Ma (nominal), fragile wire-lead 
incandescent bulbs for the Nova/SuperNova/Nova2/Nova3 front panels as 
well as the early Eclipses.  The S/130 was DG's first LED-based front 
panel and was much-appreciated by Field Service.

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On 7/21/2016 10:53 PM, jim stephens wrote:
> Is there anyone with documents on the Nova 3 front panel, and what
> drives it?  It has some number of custom DG chips, which hopefully are
> good if I want to try to fire it up to play, but am interested in that
> on good authority there are 28v incandescent lamps.
> A friend has an Eclipse front panel with nearly identical bezel, which
> has LED's and a number of differences in the logic (different connector
> to the system, for instance).  So it is probably all run on 5v.
> I have not had time to figure out the driver circuit for any of the
> lamps to see what that may turn up, and wanted to know whether it was
> 28v lamps before I buy 40 of them.  (the thing has only 2 out of a lot
> of lamps).
> Thanks
> Jim

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