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On 22/07/2016 00:07, Liam Proven wrote:
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>> There were only a few made.  They were used internally during
>> development - hence the podule to connect it to a Beeb, which
>> provided the I/O early on - and in the later stages before the
>> Archimedes launch in 1987, several were loaned to software
>> developers.
> This is the machine Dick Pountain reviewed, I think.

Indeed, the Personal Computer World August '87 article does mention he 
had an A500 on loan, though the photos are of an A310. They appear to me 
to be Acorn stock photos, which I remember being shot in June (IIRC) 1987.
   It seems he had an A310 by the time he wrote the article for Byte 
Vol.12 No.11, though.

Pete Turnbull

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