Nova 3 front panel

jim stephens jwsmail at
Thu Jul 21 23:53:18 CDT 2016

Is there anyone with documents on the Nova 3 front panel, and what 
drives it?  It has some number of custom DG chips, which hopefully are 
good if I want to try to fire it up to play, but am interested in that 
on good authority there are 28v incandescent lamps.

A friend has an Eclipse front panel with nearly identical bezel, which 
has LED's and a number of differences in the logic (different connector 
to the system, for instance).  So it is probably all run on 5v.

I have not had time to figure out the driver circuit for any of the 
lamps to see what that may turn up, and wanted to know whether it was 
28v lamps before I buy 40 of them.  (the thing has only 2 out of a lot 
of lamps).


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