Reproduction micros

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Jul 21 20:20:20 CDT 2016

On 07/21/2016 04:56 PM, Paul Koning wrote:
> PLCCs have fairly limited lead counts; they were common for 44 lead
> packages, and perhaps a bit more.

I"ve probably got more 68 pin PLCCs than anything else; I've got various
ICs in 84 pin PLCC, including a some CPLDs and CPUs (e.g., 80C188EB).
The convenient part is that sockets are available to provide a
convenient 0.010" pin spacing by translating one row of pins to two and
removal/insertion is simple.   Probing for signals is likewise
straightforward.  After that you have to go to QFP/BGA (not terribly
socket-able) or PGA.  High pin-count packages are pretty large, however.


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