Flat panel display rot - "tunnel vision" in electroluminescent and other displays- bad seals.

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 14:52:47 CDT 2016

I have a few GRiD compass systems and some are suffering from massively
decreased contrast on the edges of the displays:

[See the system on the left]

[Or this one:]

Meanwhile, other EL systems I have- like my HP integral PC- haven't
succumbed to this.

I have seen similar issues on amLCD displays in my Tadpole, Toshiba and
other machines, so this is something we all may have to confront.


I was wondering if the folks here had theories?

I'm thinking moisture (or air) might be leaking in from the edges of the
glass panes, perhaps from a compromised seal- sorry for the silly picture
but you can see the composition of the display here:


Does anyone know how one might prevent this from progressing- storage tips?

Could it be reversed?

Better yet, does anyone have ideas on how to rapidly dehydrate the display?
Perhaps there is even a way to re-seal them.

I think all two-glass-pane displays that don't have a vacuum may eventually
succumb to this.

Perhaps it is just oxidation and not moisture, but I'd love to hear any


- Ian

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