LASERS! && Freemont Street LED array (was Re: Cray J932SE (was Re: Straight 8 up on Ebay just now))

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Tue Jul 19 15:29:48 CDT 2016

>> I'm wondering how practical it might be to take a laser and turn it
>> into a vector display on a handy blank wall
> Those have been around for decades - I recall seeing them used to
> draw things on the sides of building, _many_ moons ago.

Yeah, me too, but my impression is that they're only for pre-prepared
displays, and only some displays (notably those that don't involve the
beam turning any sharp corners, such as Lissajous figures).

My impression may, of course, have been - be - incorrect, which is what
I'm asking for; if you've seen such displays involving sharp-corner
turns of the beam and run-time chosen displays, then obviously my
impression is incorrect and the technology exists.

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