Cray J932SE (was Re: Straight 8 up on Ebay just now)

Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Jul 19 13:41:14 CDT 2016

On Tue, 19 Jul 2016, Paul Koning wrote:
> Anything powered by electric motor above 2 hp or so often comes in 3 
> phase, and when you get to somewhat higher power (5 hp or so) it seems 
> to be about the only option.  Lathes and milling machines are good 
> examples.

and air compressors in automotive shops, maintaining a large tank of 
compressed air.

3-phase comes in "delta" or "Wye"("Y")
some installers don't know the difference!
I experienced TWO misdone installations.  One was an auto garage, and 
resulted in high voltage to the 110 outlets, damaging a bunch of minor 
stuff, such as grinder, space heater, clock, etc.

The other was was a PDP installation.  After excessive downtime of third 
party disk drive, the community college had sold it to a neighboring 
school district, and bought a roomful of PCs. Microsoft PC COBOL and 
Fortran were crap, but quite adequate for teaching the languages, and it 
was great to have dozens of machines for students to use without fear of 
downtime.  PG&E (our power company) agreed to buy a new replacement 
computer, if those involved would go along with the fiction that it had 
been a lightning strike (NOT common here).  The bad drive ceased 
to be a problem.  Everybody was happy, and PG&E got to call it a donation 
on their taxes.

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