DEC and Emulex boards (was: DEC boards at recycler)

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Mon Jul 18 23:35:36 CDT 2016

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 6:48 PM, Josh Dersch <derschjo at> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 3:34 PM, Jules Richardson <
> jules.richardson99 at> wrote:
>> I hauled the DEC + friends boards home earlier which I mentioned finding
>> on the list last week.
>> The "unknown" board I'd noted down as M7961 is actually M7951, which
>> Google suggests is a DUV11 interface board (whatever one of those may be ;-)

It's the Qbus version of a DU11 sync serial interface that can
implement character-based (not bit-stuffed) protocols.  ISTR that
includes HASP and 3780 but I'm not sure what else off the top of my

>> The board with the 128 mmc3764 ICs on it has what I think is a National
>> Semiconductor logo on it. Google's no help in IDing the 3764, but I'm
>> guessing it's a 64kx1 DRAM or related.

Probably a good guess.

>> Next up we have the Emulex boards - all "FH" ("full height", 4 bus
>> connectors) or "HH" ("half height", 2 bus connectors):
>> TU0310401, FH, 2x50-pin headers on outer edge.
>> SU0210401, FH, 1x60-pin and 2x26-pin headers on outer edge.
>> CU0210402, FH, 2x50 pin and 1x16-pin headers on outer edge.
>> QD3310401, HH, 1x60-pin on outer edge and 2x26-pin headers just inboard.
>> QD2110402, HH, 2x20-pin headers on outer edge, then a 34-pin and 10-pin
>> header just inboard.
>> But anyway... anyone know from that what any of these boards are? I
>> suspect there's some SMD in there, possibly ST506/412 in the case of the
>> one with the 34-pin connector.
> The QD33 is an SMD controller, the QD21 is an ESDI controller.  I'd wager
> the TU03 is a Pertec-compatible tape controller.  Nothing looks to be SCSI
> to me, unfortunately...

Right.  The connectors also bear that out (SMD is 1x60 + 2(or 4)x26,
Pertec interface is 2x50 (not exclusively), ESDI is the same number of
pins as ST506/MFM, 1x34 and 2(typically)x20, but not interchangable).
ISTR it's not hard to find QD21 and QD33 controllers, but the SMD and
ESDI drives aren't as abundant as they once were.

The CU02 is a serial mux, and Emulex (and DEC) did make 50-pin mux
output connectors for Unibus boards (CS/21, DZ-11...).  You will
probably see on that CS02, 8xSCN2641 UARTs and a bunch of 26LS32
differential line receivers (RS-422 not RS-232, if so) or something
functionally similar.



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