Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

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>> I'm astounded.  I didn't think any ever made it to prototype or
>> hard-model
>> stage!  I've seen bare boards for these (up to this point) mythical
>> beasts, but never a living, breathing machine.  Must have been a piece
>> of work.  Do any functional machines still exist?  How did you encounter
>> them?
> The 88100 si worked. Hurricane never got a functional 88110 before the
> IBM/Apple
> deal. Tessaract never booted MacOS.
> Which bare board did you see?

Long ago, on "The auction site that must not be named", some guy 
was selling an apple-branded case, with a bare motherboard inside
(or, perhaps only sparsely populated).  The seller stated it was
the prototype motherboard for an 88k Mac that was never built.  It
sold for a stupid amount of money....

> I was in the RISC products group doing driver and cpu board bringup
> starting with
> the 88100 nubus boards to IBM RSC (never had a functional 88110) then 601
> over to high end desktop product development with TNT.

Wow, so as Walter Cronkite would have said: "...and you were there."
The question I'm dying to ask is: Given the choice between the PPC
and the 88k (and ignoring Motorola's propensity to shoot itself in
the foot), which archetecture would you tend to favor (and why)?

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