DEC and Emulex boards

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Jul 18 20:02:20 CDT 2016

On 07/18/2016 07:16 PM, js at wrote:
> On 7/18/2016 7:07 PM, Jules Richardson wrote:
>> I hear that the PSUs that went with the systems these boards came from
>> might still survive (they did as of last week, anyway), but the word is
>> that everything else - drives, racks, cables etc. - went to landfill long
>> ago.
> Landfill?   Or metals recycling?

Pass :-) I was told the town dump - and although they do have a big 
dumpster for metals, I know they prefer them to be as uncontaminated as 
possible, so I could see them rejecting something that was still full of PCBs.

There is a separate metal recyclers north of town and I expect they might 
take complete systems, but I think they've only been around a few years and 
perhaps weren't there "back then". I also know they outright refuse to sell 
anything that hits the yard, so it's not as though their existence would 
have saved the original hardware.



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