DEC and Emulex boards (was: DEC boards at recycler)

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Jul 18 17:34:05 CDT 2016

I hauled the DEC + friends boards home earlier which I mentioned finding on 
the list last week.

The "unknown" board I'd noted down as M7961 is actually M7951, which Google 
suggests is a DUV11 interface board (whatever one of those may be ;-)

The board with the 128 mmc3764 ICs on it has what I think is a National 
Semiconductor logo on it. Google's no help in IDing the 3764, but I'm 
guessing it's a 64kx1 DRAM or related.

Next up we have the Emulex boards - all "FH" ("full height", 4 bus 
connectors) or "HH" ("half height", 2 bus connectors):

TU0310401, FH, 2x50-pin headers on outer edge.
SU0210401, FH, 1x60-pin and 2x26-pin headers on outer edge.
CU0210402, FH, 2x50 pin and 1x16-pin headers on outer edge.
QD3310401, HH, 1x60-pin on outer edge and 2x26-pin headers just inboard.
QD2110402, HH, 2x20-pin headers on outer edge, then a 34-pin and 10-pin 
header just inboard.

I think all of these boards have at least one 40-pin IC on them with a 
label which generally bears a number close to the ones on the PCBs quoted 
above; I can reel those off if needs be.

But anyway... anyone know from that what any of these boards are? I suspect 
there's some SMD in there, possibly ST506/412 in the case of the one with 
the 34-pin connector. Not sure if I'm lucky* enough for any of the others 
to be SCSI though, or if they're some form of tape (or something else 

* I only say that because I have a vague notion to see if I can rustle up a 
backplane somehow and get a minimal system running; it would be kind of fun.



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