Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

Mon Jul 18 13:18:12 CDT 2016

apples   support  seems  hosed...
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but  from this  page....
there  is a good  guide.

this is my 1.1

Mac Pro ---    MacPro1,1      ---      MA356LL/A
it works... it is a good representative artifact  too  .
will not  load  curvet  os because? 
"This  is caused by the lack of the 64 bit EFI bios. The hardware of the 
Mac Pro 1.1 is  already complete 64bit capable but they do ship the efi bios 
only in 32bit  version."
Ed  says..... OK whatever an EFI Bios is.... (( remember this is my  first  
real  exposure to USING a MAC -  yes  we have a 9 inch   screen one in the 
museum but have  never even used  that))
Ha   wish it  was a
 Mac Pro (Early 2008)     --   MacPro3,1  ---  MA970LL/A
then I could current  OS  upgrade it.
ok we also have a - 
"The  Power Macintosh G5 shipped from 2003 until 2006. All models pack 
64-bit PowerPC  970 (G5) processors in an easy-to-upgrade aluminum tower case 
design with a  single external optical drive bay"
This  one is missing disc  drives...  this  has the neatest  form  fitting 
insides  of any of the macs  I have  seen.      
then  we have Blue iMAC still in box
Then  we have the   old  9 inch one in museum  collection.
(  I do not see many of these  around as I used to)
thanks   for any  help and tips   Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ 

In a message dated 7/17/2016 7:23:10 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
spectre at writes:

> that is  interesting to know the old os can be  run under the  newer.
>  I am confused on some of the G5 stuff.
> there is a real early one that  has non intel processor
> then there is a  1.1  ( i have one  too) but you can not upgrade  to the 
> latest os  (bummer)
> then there is the G% 3  or 3.3   dated one that   will  run currect os  
> is there a way to force the 1.1 one to run currest os   somehow!?

I'm not sure what you're referring to. If the 1.1 is clock  speed, the
slowest G5 is 1.6GHz. No Power Mac can run anything past 10.5.8;  there is
no PowerPC code left in the kernel to run.

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