Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

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Mon Jul 18 02:38:40 CDT 2016

>> On 16 Jul 2016, at 3:33 pm, TeoZ <teoz at> wrote:
>> Most 840av's these days have bad motherboards from leaking capacitors
>> and the plastics break if you sneeze too hard close to them.
> Yes, I just gave away my 840av. It was working (and looking) fine a
> couple of years ago, but when I checked a few months ago the capacitors
> had died and the plastic bits were just falling apart. If it was just the
> caps I would have fixed it. Was my favourite 68K Mac, I did video editing
> on one back in the day. Can’t remember what video card(s) and software I
> used on it, but I know that the big (maybe 2GB?) SCSI drives and the max
> amount of RAM cost me a lot of $ back then.. Great machine but the case
> is horrible to work with.

I'll agree, the 840's physicality was a total mess.  But you know, I'm
willing to forgive indiscretions of a mechanical nature; it doesn't affect
how well the thing runs (barring cooling issues, of course).

The capacitor issues are another matter; I've seen MANY products (not
just computers) that suffer from this malady.  It's a bit like cancer;
caught early, the patient can make a complete recovery.  If the affliction
is too far advanced, it's likely terminal.  It would seem there are two 
causes for this: Bad manufacturing techniques (causing the parts to overheat
during assembly), and low quality parts, or parts with latent defects not
detectable when the parts are new.  I'd like to hear other opinions on this

Why the 840?  To me, it represents the highest refinement of the 68k
Mac, and this is very desirable to me (defective cabinetry and all).
The SE/30 is my second choice; I feel it's the best 'all in one'

Further, I'll probably start a flamewar by stating that I really don't
recognise PPC Macs as 'classic', despite their age.  The 88k should have 
been in RISC-based Mac's.  But of course, the 88k's absence was not really
Apple's fault, either.  Just another example of 'what could have been'.

Just N0bodys $0.02

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