Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

Jerry Kemp other at
Sun Jul 17 21:57:59 CDT 2016

I'm not disagreeing with you.  I have multiple PPC Mac's and a couple of 
PowerBooks.  I'm set.

Apple systems from the past typically had 2 big advantages over windows based 

* significantly easier to administer, and at least some level of stability over 
MS code

* Apple systems last forever where a box was typically good for 2 to 3 years on 
the x86 side.  I had an 8600, purchased brand new, and although it wasn't our 
sole system (lots of Sparc boxes at home also), we used that 8600 daily, or 
almost daily for 8 years.

Whether the current boxes being produced today are still usable for 8 years 
really isn't up for debate, whether they are or not.  The vast majority of Mac 
users don't view the technology as usable for an extended period of time.  At 
least that is my observation.

Back on topic, many Mac users today would/have stuck their nose up at PPC and 
68K powered boxes, and don't even acknowledge them.  If a critical piece of Mac 
OS code crossed their path, SheepShaver would be their only option.

As for me, restating again, as I already have hardware that can run Mac OS code, 
SheepShaver is a novelty for me, and I have never attempted to use it for 
anything serious or for any significant length of time for a big project.

I also agree with your comment on "Tiger forever" comment.  Most people only see 
that we lost the Classic environment.   For me, 10.5 + has been like a country 
music song, i.e. you know what you get if you play a country music record backwards?

Answer, house, wife, job, horse, money, best friend, etc.

Thanks for the reply,


On 07/17/16 07:28 PM, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>> And SheepShaver is an option to run Classic/Mac OS apps on Intel based
>> Mac OS X boxes.
> It's an option, but it's not a very good one. It has various compatibility
> issues with certain programs (usually the most interesting/useful ones)
> and it does not run anything past 9.0.4. For the programs it works with, it's
> a godsend, but Classic (not to mention OS 9 itself) is the best reason to
> keep a Power Mac around. It's a bit pokier than OS 9 due to the virtualization
> overhead, but it's highly compatible and infinitely better integrated with
> the host operating system. This is a big reason I'm "Tiger Forever" on my
> PowerPC gear.
> For that matter, you might as well run Jaguar on a G3, G4 or early G5,
> because Jag didn't have double-buffered Classic windows and did have better
> classic AppleTalk networking support.

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