Epson QX-10, battery removal

Hagstrom, Paul hagstrom at
Sun Jul 17 16:52:09 CDT 2016

> On Jul 17, 2016, at 4:57 PM, Terry Stewart <terry at> wrote:
>> Anyone here successfully replaced the battery?
> Hi Paul,
> As I mentioned, I did try a standard Lithium battery after disabling the
> recharging circuit. The machine just would not fire up boot.  I haven't
> tried a NiMH or Lithium ion rechargeable though.  I'd be interested to know
> if these work.
> Terry (Tez)

Yes, I wasn't including that within my intended definition of "successfully."  :)  I didn't see much in the SAMS book or in the operations manual, except indications that the battery preserves 2K of CMOS RAM, and that you should take it to the dealer to have the battery replaced when it is getting low and losing track of the time (so they can back up the CMOS RAM for you).  There did not seem to be any dire warnings about crucial parameters or firmware being lost, and there was another section that indicated that the battery should be disconnected when taking part of it apart, so it seems like it shouldn't have unrecoverable consequences.  But it is distressing that you're not able to get yours to start again!  I'm hoping that someone here will know a secret that we don't yet know.


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