Found some stuff at the scrapyard

Sun Jul 17 14:39:07 CDT 2016

What a flash back...
(SMECC is always looking for anything related to these products)
The  HPIL thinkjet version  was also used with  the   hp portable  and hp 
portable plus    laptops.
we have  some of them in the SMECC  here... but    back  when I was   CEO  
Computer Exchange  inc   we  sold lost of these..  it was a small laptop   
with applications in ROM but also had a HPIL  3 1/2 disc and an  HPIL 
Remember  to the hp 45 calc.. had  HPIL   interface also...
There was also a gaggle of  cards to the  PC and the HP  150 TOUCHSCREEN   
that  would  talk to  HPIL and  also  on IBM side  HPIL  plus  I seem to 
remember HPIB  cards  too.
I did not know about the corrosive qualities of the  ink and  did  not 
realize the  glycerol content... 
I may be  wrong but I remember a  HPIL a HPIB a Parallel    and maybe a 
Serial interface  version of the HP Thinkjet
Now there was another interface not to be confused  with the HPIL it  was  
called HP HIL HP HUMAN INTERFACE LOOP I remember?  it was   what the mouse  
used on the  hp 150  etc...
I may still still have  my  orig  HP   Thinkjet  service training course 
...  we were also a service center  for a bunch of the HP PC  products and 
some manuals from classes I attended  or my staff attended  I  saved and they 
are in the glassed in   HP  lock up area where the  2000 access and  the hp 
micro and  mini stuff   lives.
I have a bunch of  odd VECTRA internals  manuals  too...  

Just  wish  I had saved more of this stuff...

We also  have an HP INTEGRAL (sp?)   Unix all in one computer   printer 
combo... cool concept it has THINKJET printer built in the top of  it  too.   
we never sold this  product but  SMECC  was  given a  prototype   many  years 
REMEMBER TOO.... THINKJET printers always printed best on   "special hp 
thinkjet paper" 
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>>  for some incomprehensible reason, you can still order brand new 
cartridges  from... Staples!

Another thanks for the tip; I've got an HP2225B  (HP-IL, with RS-232 
converter) which presumably uses the same cartridge. Will  have to check it out.


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You got  yourself the first consumer inkjet printer ever, from  1984:
Original "A" version with HP-IB  interface, useless for regular PCs of 
course. Complete with the "SomethingJet"  marketing name that has been with us 
since then. The key innovation of that  printer was the disposable cartridge 
with the micro-machined nozzles, which  they had a horrendous time 
manufacturing at first. And for some  incomprehensible reason, you can still order 
brand new cartridges from...  Staples! Just put a new one in and you should be 
good to  go.

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> On Jul 17, 2016, at 12:34 PM,  devin davison <lyokoboy0 at> wrote:
> Actually  found a pretty nice hp machine with a bunch of peripherals.
> Thankfully  it came with the keyboard. Also a external hard drive and
> floppy, as  well as a tiny printer.
> HP 362 "controller"
> Hp  thinkjet 2225A printer
> Hp 9153B - HD and floppy
> Also  a IBM wheelwriter 3 with the parallel interface, as well as what im
>  assuming is a s100 backplane.
> Pretty interesting. I have a  couple of other Hp devices, a logic 
> pattern generator, and  volt meter, it will be interesting to see if i can
> get them talking  with the computer. Computer works. boots into basic.
> Pretty complete  setup for something at the scrapyard.
>  --Devin

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