Epson QX-10, battery removal

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Sun Jul 17 13:39:10 CDT 2016

There's a battery in my QX-10; anyone know if it's safe to remove it before 
it leaks (i.e. it's not responsible for storing any parameters which might 
be vital to system operation)?

I think most of my machines which have batteries just use them for things 
such as TOD clock and so it's no big deal to remove them (and they'll run 
happily without), but I do also have various "unknowns" - of which the 
QX-10 is one.

(I don't suppose anyone is working on a big list of machines with batteries 
in, which ones need consideration before removal, and which ones refuse to 
function without a battery present, are they?)



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