Found some stuff at the scrapyard

tony duell ard at
Sun Jul 17 12:17:36 CDT 2016

> Very good information to know about the printer, thanks.  I am assuming
> that the new cartridges I get from staples should not have the toxic ink?
> Will it still be corrosive?

My guess is that the ink formulation has not changed. I think other
things (maybe element power, timing, etc) would have to be changed

Ethylene glycol is, of course, commonly found in car anti-freeze. The
printer ink is not rediculously toxic, but some animals find it tastes sweet,
they drink all they can find and it leads to kindney failure.

My view (as the owner of a good few Thinkjets, and the servant of a 
cat) is that you don't leave the cartridges around when an animal
could find them, and you wipe up any leakages. Other than that there
is no real worry.

And since the damage caused by the corrosive ink is a right pain to
repair, I would assume all ink is corrosive and remove the cartridge
from a printer that you are not using.


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