Found some stuff at the scrapyard

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Sun Jul 17 11:21:06 CDT 2016

Very good information to know about the printer, thanks.  I am assuming
that the new cartridges I get from staples should not have the toxic ink?
Will it still be corrosive?

There was a second printer over there, missing the plastic cover and
scratched up. I think i will pick it up too for parts.

As far as the disk drive goes, if it is a proprietary hard drive in there,
that is a bummer. it spins  up but does not sound too good. The drive in
the compuer itself does not sound too good either, but it is still working
and is scsi, which i have a stockpile of over here, so that is not an

On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 10:03 AM, tony duell <ard at>

> > Original "A" version with HP-IB interface, useless for regular
> >  PCs of course. Complete with the "SomethingJet" marketing
> It's mildly easier to use with a normal PC than the -B model (HPIL,
> battery powered). Interestingly the -A version has an HPIB-HPIL
> interface feeding HPIL to the main board (the interface is a
> modified (different firmware) version of the HP82169 IIRC.
> Interesting #2, the custom HP controller chip in these printers
> has a built-in ROM with the control firmware, but external
> font ROM and RAM. These communicate over what is essentially
> the Saturn bus, as found in the HP71, etc.
> > name that has been with us since then. The key innovation of
> I read somewhere that the official reason for 'THINKJET' was
> 'THermal INKJET'. I suspect that is very much a backronym. It
> is a thermal inkjet printer, the cartridge has little heating elements
> that boil the ink and cause a drop to be squirted out.
> > that printer was the disposable cartridge with the micro-
> > machined nozzles, which they had a horrendous time
> >  manufacturing at first. And for some incomprehensible reason,
> > you can still order brand new cartridges from... Staples! Just put
> >  a new one in and you should be good to go.
> A couple of words of warning about those cartridges. Firstly
> the ink, at least in older ones, is ethylene glycol based. It's toxic
> and attractive in taste to some animals. Keep those catridges
> away from cats, dogs, etc.
> The ink is also corrosive. It can corrode the metal faceplate
> on the cartridge, then drip onto the flexible PCB that connects
> the cartridge to the rest of the printer and corrode that too.
> If you ever have a Thinkjet with missing dots, that's what has
> happend (at least 99% of the time). The only source for
> replacement PCBs now is other Thinkjets. So don't leave the
> cartridge in the printer if you are not using it.
> Incidentally, if the 9153 is the drive unit I think it is, it has a
> very odd HP-interface hard disk in it. There is one ribbon
> cable (40 wires I think) carrying power, control signals and
> raw data. I seem to remember the head positioner is a
> stepper motor, but it does micro-stepping as part of the
> design.
> -tony

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