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> The A2000 did *not* have a built-in hard disk, that was the A3000. The A2000
> was just an "updated" A1000 in a large desktop case with Zorro slots...
> completely braindead.

Again with the "braindead" jibes. You have not clarified or explained
what your objection to the machine was.

It seems that there were about 5 models...

A1500 -- A2000, no hard disk but dual floppies. A sensible affordable
model for 1987 or so.
A2000 -- an expandable A1000 with slots and provision for an on-board hard disk.
A2000HD -- an A2000 with a hard disk preinstalled.
A2500 -- an A2000 with a CBM processor upgrade preinstalled, either a
68020 or a 68030.

If you are arguing that the A2000 should have been launched with a
68020 on the motherboard, rather than a 68000, well, yes, that would
have been great -- but also very expensive, and the Amiga was a
low-cost machine in a very price-sensitive market. A 68020 in 1987
might have been just too much, too expensive.

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