Found some stuff at the scrapyard

devin davison lyokoboy0 at
Sat Jul 16 22:34:22 CDT 2016

Actually found a pretty nice hp machine with a bunch of peripherals.
Thankfully it came with the keyboard. Also a external hard drive and
floppy, as well as a tiny printer.

HP 362 "controller"
Hp thinkjet 2225A printer
Hp 9153B - HD and floppy

Also a IBM wheelwriter 3 with the parallel interface, as well as what im
assuming is a s100 backplane.

Pretty interesting. I have a couple of other Hp devices, a logic analizer,
pattern generator, and volt meter, it will be interesting to see if i can
get them talking with the computer. Computer works. boots into basic.
Pretty complete setup for something at the scrapyard.


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