Siemens PC-MX2 Set

Marcos Alves xeon4d at
Sat Jul 16 15:09:36 CDT 2016


I've recently acquired what came to be a Siemens PC-MX2 Set that is
comprised of:

* 4 Siemens Dossiers named:
    - Informix
    - BetriebeSystem SINIX Buch 1
    - BetriebeSystem SINIX Buch 2 Menus
    - Siemens PC-MX2 Betriebsanleitung

12 Tapes:
- 10 of them are of brand 3M, Model DC300XL/P and seem to be backups.
    - 2 of them are of brand Cadmus, Model 9000 and are named:
       "Munix Betriebsystem V.3/R.3-28    IS Format
         Anlagennummer FO/90-9754"

   and the other

       "Optionale Pakete         PCS
        F0/89-74343 IS0055P 20-Jul-89
             all files CPIO format
        0. Med v.4.0
        1. Munix_TCP/IP_(BSD) 7-Sep-88
        2. Fortran77-32 V.4.0c"

1 Siemens branded Terminal with Serial Keyboard

1 Siemens Computer branded PC-9870

1 Siemens Dot Matrix Printer model is either PT88S-22 or -32

Is there any interest in this? I'm entertaining offers.

Location is Portugal.

Cumprimentos - Best Regards
Marcos Alves.

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