Multiflow Trace 14/300 close to being scrapped in Texas

James Vess theevilapplepie at
Sat Jul 16 20:31:59 CDT 2016

Does anyone have the capacity to power the unit on in Texas? I
could purchase and move, but without any ability to power it on it would
just sit persistently in storage and I'm not interested in getting another
minicomputer that will just sit.

Let me know?

On Saturday, July 16, 2016, Jon Elson <jonelson126 at> wrote:

> On 07/15/2016 09:55 PM, Evan Linwood wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I noticed that the Multiflow race 14/300 system listed on eBay didn't sell
>> recently. I don't have any personal background with these machines but it
>> seems they could be both significant and rare?
> They are VERY rare, and significant, as there were very few physical VLIW
> machines ever built.  My guess is Trace built maybe 50 machines?
> Jon

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