PLATO and learning models (was Re: NuTek Mac comes)

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Jul 16 13:22:58 CDT 2016

On 07/16/2016 10:34 AM, Paul Koning wrote:

> IGS?  Two colors?  Don't recognize that.  There's the 6000 console
> (DD60), very expensive, requiring a dedicated processor to feed it,
> and limited to uppercase text only plus very small amounts of
> graphics (a dot at a time, 3 microseconds per dot).

IGS (Interactive Graphics System) was the generic term for the
Digigraphic 200-series stuff.  The consoles came in various flavors, but
the best ones were the big, flat-surface jobs.

The display processor with these things was pretty large; someone once
told me that it resembled a 1700 more than anything.

A lot of fun to fool with.


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