Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

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A Quadra 950 is also a decent machine if you want to fill it up with cards.

Most 840av's these days have bad motherboards from leaking capacitors and 
the plastics break if you sneeze too hard close to them.

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If I had the time and money (mostly money) to do this, I
would settle for nothing less than a Quadra 840AV.  Be
prepared to spend $$$$, though; the 840 is quickly approaching
'investment grade'.

If I wanted the "all in one" experience, I would get the
SE/30.  Once again, these are kinda pricey.....

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> I went thru this exercise myself a couple of years back.  Even kicked off
> a
> thread on a Mac email list.
> I don't/didn't have any experience or background with the Mac on the 68K,
> so
> that didn't come into my decision making.
> I ultimately decided that I didn't need the fastest/biggest/most memory
> power
> house Mac that would run Classic.  I just needed to run my Mac OS apps
> and games
> that would never be ported to x86.
> I purchased a G4 cube and have been happy with that decision.  I can boot
> up
> into Mac OS 9.x, and also boot into OS X 10.4 with Classic support.
> This was what worked well for me.  I will be interested to see what you
> ultimately end up choosing.
> Jerry
> On 07/15/16 02:03 PM, Austin Pass wrote:
>> I'm toying with putting the "ultimate" classic Mac together, although
>> I'm
>> having a little difficulty pinning down the definition of what the
>> ultimate
>> representation of the type is, so was looking for a little input from
>> Classic CMP'ers.
>> I'm aware that there's a clear divide between Motorola and PowerPC CPU'd
>> variants, so I'm going to plump for a PowerPC based version so that I
>> can
>> get access to newer hardware and use it as a kind of bridge system
>> between
>> my current computers and the more historic versions.
>> In terms of hardware I have a lovely mirror-door G4 PowerMac I'm
>> intending
>> to use.  I have the original media that shipped with this, so I can get
>> 9.2.1 on it relatively easily.  Are there any add-in cards (PCI) I
>> should
>> be considering?  It has a built in Airport Card (possibly Airport
>> Extreme?)
>> although my home Wi-Fi is 802.11n or better with WPA2 so I'll just use
>> Ethernet to connect it to my LAN.  Was a gigabit ethernet card ever
>> released with Mac OS 9 drivers?  I have a couple of 600GB PATA disks
>> that I
>> can use with it, but has there ever been a SATA implementation that
>> worked
>> with classic Mac OS?
>> Also, I have an Asanté ether bridge tucked away somewhere that I hope to
>> be
>> able to use to connect some of my older Mac OS boxen without Ethernet.
>> In terms of the software - any top-line utilities or System Extensions I
>> should look to get my hands on?  What's the state of the art in classic
>> Mac
>> OS browsing nowadays, Mr Kaiser - is Clasilla still maintained?
>> -Austin.

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