Building the Ultimate Classic Mac.

Al Kossow aek at
Fri Jul 15 15:15:51 CDT 2016

On 7/15/16 12:58 PM, Austin Pass wrote:
> I have a "pinstripe" grey G4 PowerMac with (if memory serves) a 400Mhz CPU - would this be a safer bet?

Yes, that or a slightly faster one. I like the ones where we went with gigabit ethernet (2nd gen G4?)

> Is there any way to underclock the 1.25Ghz CPU's in the mirror door for improved reliability in the mirror door?

Not without a rom change.
One of the big problems was this was the first machine with tightly tuned ddr memory and there
was a lot of magic performed to get it reliable.

It's been a while, if it's 1.25, this may have been a next generation G4 that wasn't so power hungry.
First gen MDD was bad.
I was off of G4 and working on bringing up G5 by that time.

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