VMS stability back in the day (was Re: NuTek Mac comes)

Richard Loken rlloken at telus.net
Thu Jul 14 23:41:38 CDT 2016

On Fri, 15 Jul 2016, Mouse wrote:

>> Personally, given the mess of MultiNet, TCP/IP Services, and TCPWare,
>> I wouldn't make that statement about networking *at all*.
> If you think of "networking" as being "IP-based networking", yeah,
> probably.  But there's a lot more to networking than just IP.
> Specifically, I was talking about DECnet, which was well done and
> integrated from the ground up, not glued on after the fact.

And I don't get this notion about lifting the network code out of Tru64
since VAX/VMS had UCX (not my favourite network package) before the
Alpha and associated OSF/1, Digital Unix, Tru64 Unix.  The candidate
for lifting code would be Ultrix which got a lot of its heritage from

I think I recall credit given to Berkeley and bsd it the readable UCX
files in VAX/VMS Version 5 but all I have is an Alpha running OpenVMS 8.2
and those file don't contain any copyright or credit notices at all.  They
start off with stuff like this:

/* Created: 18-NOV-1997 11:24:36 by OpenVMS SDL EV1-50     */
/* Source:  22-OCT-1996 00:33:26 

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