NuTek Mac comes

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Thu Jul 14 16:51:40 CDT 2016

> > But having used VMS (as a student), the command line *sucked* (except
> > for the help facility---that blows the Unix man command out of the
> > water).
> I'm not sure I agree.  The VMS command line I used sucked, but so did
> Unix shells of the time, and in many of the same ways.

What is it that "sucked" about the VMS command line?  I used it a lot and I
had some issues here and there but I found it to be streets ahead of any other
command line system I came across on anything else anywhere.

(Not that I think we should doing os-wars re-enactments here.  Too many glass
houses to start a stone throwing competition.)

Peter Coghlan.

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