NuTek Mac comes

Sean Conner spc at
Thu Jul 14 15:15:45 CDT 2016

It was thus said that the Great Mouse once stated:
> >> All the now-nostalgicized-over '80s OSes were pretty horribly
> >> unstable: [...]
> Personally - I went through my larval phase under it - I'd cite VMS as
> a counterexample.  Even today I think a lot of OSes would do well to
> learn from it.  (Not that I think it's perfect, of course.  But I do
> think it did some things better than most of what I see today.)

  What I've read about VMS makes me think the networking was incredible. But
having used VMS (as a student), the command line *sucked* (except for the
help facility---that blows the Unix man command out of the water).


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