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Thu Jul 14 12:16:54 CDT 2016

On 14 July 2016 at 17:56, Brad H <vintagecomputer at> wrote:
> My question about the FPGA Amigas is can you not just emulate pretty much
> anything on a PC these days?  I never tried Amiga emulation (if I have the
> real thing I always go to that).  Not sure how much the emulators can
> handle.

Yes you can, and sometimes with better fidelity, but it doesn't
_transform_ your generic C21 computer into a retro machine. You're
running a program under your normal OS. It doesn't look or feel the

But running vintage kit takes effort, knowledge, possibly
troubleshooting & repair skills, and you need to own it or know where
to get it.

Whereas you can buy a new FPGA-based recreation, usually for not much,
and whereas it's not the same, it is a computer. It boots and runs the
same OS as the old machine. No emulation, it's real hardware, and
probably better than the original.

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