Reproduction micros

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> I haven't built or marketed anything myself but i believe if i
> understood  correctly from several folks who have that vga was a cheaper
> choice due to licensing costs for dvi or hdmi at the time.

I didn't think there were licencing costs for DVI but apparently I am wrong. The connector is absolutely horrid.

> Not sure if vga is past that point or open but when keeping home brew kits
> cheap for us hobbyists every dollar counts.

As far as I know VGA has always been open. I can't see anything patentable in the spec, its really just RGB with higher sync rates.

> It would be interesting maybe as a Wikipedia page (thought there was one)
> to show which projects were out there and preferably which are still
> active.  A shrinking but understandable issue when buying  im batches with
> personal money in hopes that theyll sell eventually.

That would take some updating...


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