FTGH: DEC 54-17507 backplane; Sun type-4 keyboards

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Wed Jul 13 19:58:03 CDT 2016

I've finally started digging through all my stuff in storage, at least
in a small way.  Two (or three) things I've found so far might be of
interest here.  (There will likely be more eventually, but it's
anybody's guess when I'll find the round tuits to do more digging.)

- One DEC 54-17507.  Google makes me think this is the Qbus backplane
   from a BA123.  It appears to be in good shape; while I am not set up
   to test it, it looks pretty much "too simple to break".  It consists
   of the PCB, the Qbus connectors on one side, two 18-pin power
   connectors and one ten-pin connector with blue plastic shroud on the
   other side, and a piece of heavy sheet steel all this is bolted to.
   (And the bolts, of course. :-)  Oh, all four resistor packs are

- Two Sun type-4 keyboards.  (Whether the list is two or three things
   depends on whether you count these as one thing or two.)  They are
   somewhat age-yellowed, and one of them has some stain spots.  All
   the keys appear to work mechanically.  I have a machine I can test
   these with, but I will have to first dig out a suitable cable;
   whether they are available now or later depends on whether you want
   to wait for me to find a cable to test them.

These are in Ottawa (Canada's national capital, for those who don't
know the name or who want disambiguation) and are anyone's for the
claiming.  In theory I can ship, but in practice I find I totally suck
at getting stuff shipped (I have two things pending shipping right now,
pending for long times), so you are much more likely to get something
soon if you can pick it up or give me a local(ish) place I can drop it
off, and if someone wants something shipped and someone else is
prepared to pick it up, I'm taking the easy-for-me option.

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